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Infection control behind the scene.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Hello everyone, we are very excited to share this with you. As you all know infection prevention and control is our first priority when it comes to healthy feet. Just to keep that in mind we want to show you how our tools and equipments are cleaned and sterilized before and after use, behind the scenes.

1) Pre-cleaning after use : footcare equipments are soaked in ET.FOAM enzymatic soaking foam, it breaks down organic matter such as blood, pus etc..prior to processing.

2) washed and rinsed : soaked with EM POWER dual enzymatic detergent in utrasonic and automatic cleaning system. It rapidly dissolves and carrier away organic soils.

3) Equipments are ready to sterilize in EZ9plus autoclave. Steam kills all the bacteria or viruses rapidly, colour coded pouches and biological indicators are used to confirm 100% sterilized results. Sterilized pouches are opened in front of the client at the time of the service.

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